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🐤 A founder's guide to twitter - Issue #3

Olu Adedeji
Olu Adedeji
👋 Hey people! the newsletter is out…
As I write this today, I’d just spent over 4 hours with some awesome people who reached out to me on twitter to brainstorm ideas and share our challenges.
The founder journey is tough, and we can all do with some help.
This newsletter is something that’s very personal to me, I’ve compiled all the things that’s worked for me since I re-joined twitter this summer and I’m sharing everything over two newsletters and a follow up blog.
On a more serious note, If you’re not feeling 💪 please hit me up, let’s put something in the diary. I love meeting people and finding a way out of sh*t.
It’s time we get into this newsletter….
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💡 Founders' guide to growth on twitter
If you’re a founder, or you’re just trying to grow your twitter account and engagement, these 4 actionable points are gold 👌. These are based on my personal experience of using twitter.
I appreciate some of these points may have been covered by others, but this is purely from my experience.
1️⃣ Define your audience
Before you “blow up” 💥 twitterverse with random unstructured tweets, please answer this question. Who are you tweeting to?
I can only share from my experience - I’m interested in tweeting to founders, specifically early stage founders. Founders lilke me.
We fall into a number of categories:
💰 founders with a product looking for funding (me)
👨‍❤️‍👨 founders with an idea looking for co-founders (me once)
️👩‍💻 founders with an idea looking for a dev community (again me)
😫 founders who are bootstrapping right now (me today)
So to re-iterate I’m tweeting to ….. f-o-u-n-d-e-r-s “early stage” 
In my tweets, I simply share my experiences to hopefully help other founders like myself get better.
If you’re a founder hopefully you’ve found my tweets useful. If you’re a developer or in marketing and want to become a founder I’m hoping that my tweets are useful or at least, I hope that it serves as a place to appreciate what founders are going through.
If you’re an investor, you may want to follow me if my content resonates with you and perhaps introduce me to founders in your network looking for some support.
2️⃣ Find your twitter tribe
when I came back to twitter, all I was looking for was a group of founders with similar shared experiences. Those who know me, know that my whole being is built on “helping” that’s what I love doing and that’s what gives me true satisfaction. So I wanted to find similar people.
What did I do, I started tweeting. I started sharing toughts on things I had personal “lived” experiences on.
I figured there was no point in creating generic content 😂 there’s already too much commoditised answers out there.
“Just be different, be you”…. that was my MO
Personal experiences are extremely difficult to plagarize (top tip)
Note: Finding your twitter tribe can take a few weeks, but when you find your tribe it’s just magic..
3️⃣ Always tweet for engagement
Perhaps my strategy is a little off, but I’m not engaging to gain 1000s of dis-engaged followers…I’d rather have 200 engaged followers than to have 3000 dis-engaged ones. I always use this scenario below…
Have you ever been at a party when a DJ starts playing a set and everyone walks off the dance floor? 🤣
That’s exactly how I see twitter, you are that DJ and the music are your tweets. So if you don’t want to spend your time playing to an empty dance floor, you need to make sure that the people you’ve invited to your party enjoy your music 🎵
4️⃣ Things you should avoid
As an early stage founder on social media, politics and religion are 2 topics I rarely tweet about. Perhaps not the right approach, but that’s what works for me right now.
I have so many other things to talk about, and quite frankly I don’t know enough about either to help anyone at this point.
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Olu Adedeji
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