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📕 Simple pitch deck hacks for new founders - Issue #1

Olu Adedeji
Olu Adedeji
👋 Hey, 
How are you doing this month? So much has happened on Prelo and I’ve got to admit, it’s been a challenge staying on top of it all. My coffee intake has gone through the roof, but I promise to slow down this week. 😊
Soooo let’s get into it, after much thought I’m jumping into newsletters. 📰
It’s going to be monthly(for now), we’re going to be discussing everything early-stage Startup founders want to know and just simply sharing my experiences as a founder. 
I’ll be spotlighting under-the-radar Startups, and this will include the wonderful people I’ve met here on twitter.
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I expect this newsletter to evolve as I continue to get the tone and audience interests aligned. I’d defintely love your feedback on this one.🙏

📕 Pitch deck hacks? 
As an early-stage founder, there is nothing more important than getting your Startup ready for funding. Well, apart from getting your company profitable.
The reality is this, without that initial (angel/pre-seed) investment, for some founders it can be almost impossible to generate revenue, trust me I’ve been there. 
The thing is this…my first ever pitch deck had 35 pages! What the hell was I thinking?! This was about 5 years ago, a very kind investor took me aside and educated me on the art of creating a pitch deck. He simply said, “Olu, less is more”. 
Your first task with a pitch deck is to get a meeting, that is it! You are not raising a series B round. Don’t over cook it. 🍳
Your objective is to demonstrate what you’ve accomplished. Yes, it’s great to put down what you will accomplish but as an investor, I’d want to see more of what you’ve done with a time and money dimension while following a certain cadence.
Simply put, you need to succinctly articulate the problem (or opportunity), your specific solution, why it’s unique, and the potential size of the market. Describe your business model, that is how you plan to make money and the team you’ve assembled so far to execute your vision. Without these five elements, put bluntly you will find it very difficult to generate any type of engagement from investors.  
My intro-pitch decks these days are 2 pages - that’s it.📑
If an investor likes what I’ve shared, then I’ll share the 10 page deck with them. If you’re interested in seeing or leveraging my template, register on Prelo and I may even throw in a pitch deck review 😊 I’m going to be focusing on common pitch deck mistakes in the coming months.
For more on pitch deck hacks, please check out Prelo Blog
🌱 Seed funding rounds this month
Let’s talk about “under-the-radar”, early and seed-stage Startups, we’ll be spotlighting the gaming industry this month. With the pandemic having taken over our lives for the last 18 months, gaming is one of the industries to have thrived.🎮
We’ve all had nowhere to go, apart from taking the garbage out. I know friends who ordered coffee via deliveroo..whaaat!? Anywho, less rambling let’s review…👓
So here are the top gaming Startups that raised seed funding in the last 60+ days📈 
🎮 Movers and Shakers in Gaming
July and August were peak months in the gaming space, $210MM was raised between 17 Startups. ForeVR raised a staggering $8.5MM on their Seed round, making them one of the highest seed raises in the gaming sector this month.
Founded by Marcus Segal and Mike Pagano Doom in 2020, the Los Angeles based Startup is dedicated to converting real-life games and past times into immersive VR experiences.
💰 Latest Funding $8.5MM
📆 Funding Date August 2021
💼 Job Opportunities are great
🎮 Industry Gaming
👩‍🦱 Employees 11 - 50
5 Startups out of the U.K. raised $30MM in July alone. Over 60% of the total funds raised went to EXCEL from London (formerly ExceL eSports). From their humble beginings, EXCEL have grown from a converted “English pub” into a gaming powerhouse carving out a niche in the global gaming marketplace. 
💰 Latest Funding £20MM
📆 Funding Date 02 July 2021
💼 Job Opportunities are great 
🎮 Industry Gaming
👩‍🦱 Employees 11 - 50
Drop Fake
Since this is the very first edition of our newsletter, and for the fact that I have a great group of friends from Canada, I’m adding Drop Fake to the party eventhough they raised in June…haa!
Drop Fake raised a respectable $9MM seed round at the end of June. Although their website doesn’t give much away, this group of founders, led by Katherine de Leon (CEO) are building an “accesibility-first” cross platform free-to-play project.  
💰 Latest Funding $9MM
📆 Funding Date June 2021
💼 Job Opportunities (not hiring) 
🎮 Industry Gaming
👩‍🦱 Employees 1 - 20
🎁 What's new on Prelo? 
The team and I have been hard at work trying to make sure we bring you the best list of early-stage and seed-stage “under-the-radar” Startups we possibly can.
So how are we adding value to your Prelo experience. This month we added the 1-click email solution and the discount finder. 
After we went live earlier this month with Prelo, we quickly realised that our customers needed a better way of sending emails to the their contacts. So we created the 1-click email intro. Taking intro emails we use at Prelo plus a collection of emails used by the top 100 Startups in the world, we hope to have given our customers a starting point. 
We wanted to give our most active freemium customers an incentive to start enjoying our rich data set and open more opportunities. So we’ve decided to introduce the popup Prelo Discount.
The prelo discounts pop up on the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard. These discounts popup based on how active you are on Prelo.
That’s it for now, tell us know what you think.
Send us an email to 📨
keep connecting with Prelo 🚀
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Olu Adedeji
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